Suggestion for a Low noise differential input / single ended 75 ohm output Amplifier?

What would you recommend?-----

I am in need of a Low noise differential input/ single ended output amp to cover approx 100 KHZ thru 10 MHZ (a higher shelf freq. is ok).  The driving source will be  Shielded, Single Turn LOOP Antenna.  Input balance is important.  Noise figure of the amp is extremely important.  The gain needs to be no more than 20 DBv (x10).

Thank you!

Frank Hertel

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    on Aug 21, 2013 3:33 AM

    Moving this question to the amplifier space.

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    on Aug 21, 2013 7:41 AM

    Hello Frank,

    Take a look at the AD8129. This is a receiver for signals over twisted pair cables. It is a differential input single ended output amplifier with sufficient bandwidth for your application at Gain=10.

    You can also look at the AD830. This part might be just short of your 10 MHz BW requirement at Gain=10.

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  • Thank you Zoltan!  I'm going to give the AD8129 a try.  I'll re-post with the results once I've built the "system".

    What makes my usage somewhat demanding is:   The Single Turn Shielded Loop Antenna will be used to certify the FCC / NRSC specs / bandwidth performance of a signal radiated by AM Radio Stations.  The total noise floor that is needed to be delivered, by the antenna and amplifier system, to the input of the Spectrum Analyzer, must be at least 90 db below a Spectrum Analyzer input reference of -15 to -30 DB. Thus, an amplified Loop Antenna (with amplifier "System") needs to have a noise floor of -110 to -120 (or there abouts) in order for the Spectrum Analyzer to produce a reliable resultant capture of the radiated signal being measured.  This is done over a primary the primary AM Band frequency range of 500 KHZ thru 1720 KHZ. (200 KHZ Span the station's frequency assignment that is being certified)  Where there is sufficient signal received, by the single turn shielded loop antenna, the amplifier section will be bypassed, I think you get the idea.

    Thank you once again for your recommendation

    Frank Hertel