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ADCMP370 Leakage problem

U11, 2.5 volts reference is powered while U2011 is not powered.

Will have leakage problems into U2011.3 (ADCMP370 Vcc)?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for using ADI parts. As the datasheet suggests, the input common-mode range of ADCMP370 goes from 0V to Vcc. The Vcc is the actual voltage supplying of the part at that time, not the supply that will be used once the part is powered on. Therefore, I would suggest that you only apply any inputs after turning on the part.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Hi Neil,

    You are looking at the operating conditions, which says the device won't operate correctly if VCM is above VCC.

    but if you look at abs max rating, it implies there is no diode between input and VCC.

    so i expect the input to remain highZ with VCC=0.


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