ADCMP573 latch desable


I have acquired the ADCMP573 with its corresponding evaluation board. So far, I have not been able to use the comparator properly.

I have tested the device implementing a modified setup of the schematic shown in page 10 (ADCMP572_3_80_1_2EB_0.pdf attached). The modification includes disabling the latch feature. This procedure is described in the ADCMP573 datasheet (ADCMP572_573.pdf also attached) on pages 9-10 and 12. Page 12 contains the circuit schematic which differs slightly from the explanation given on page 9. That is, it is written that the LE-negate is left disconnected. Then in the schematics it is shown LE-negate in a pull-up configuration connected to VTT = 3.2V.

Are both configurations valid, with and without the LE-negate connection? I have used the LE-negate disconnected and the comparator does not seem to be working. To do the comparison I set the Vp voltage to ground whilst having a DC block at the input of Vn (AC-coupling).  

Thank you!


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