a couple of question for AD8260

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a couple of question for your AD8260.


I will just use only the high current driver part.

Not use VGA/PreAMP and VMID buffer parts.

If so, how should I connect the NOT USING PIN,  GND or OPEN or Pull-up high level?

And please give me the good comment for such way? Can I use only high current driver part?


Can I use by 5V single ended power supply for the high currnet part?

If so yes, what is the output current? How should think it?

On your data sheet. I can see RLOAD = 1 Ω, VIN = ±0.5 V +/-310mA only ,I cannot find the case of single end input.

Our application is radio device.

AD8260 get the diff-signal 1Vp-p from AD9762 DAC and take the signal to next LPF for transmit by antenna.

AD9762 get the 3MHz FSK signal from front device. So I use the signal 1MHz to 4MHz on AD8260.

If you have an another good device for this case, please recommend it to me?

I need around 0.3W the outout power from driver.

Thanks Kaos

  • Can anyone answer this?

    only one answer also welcome....

    Thanks Kaos

  • Hi Kaos,

    Apologies for the late reply. If you are only going to use the high current driver, you could check out AD8390, AD8397, AD8016 or AD8018 instead. Will these fit your application? Let me know if you have more questions.



  • Hi Kris,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I just confirmed your recommended 4-devices.


    The diff. output doesnt fit for our next stage.


    The peak AC current is smaller than AD8018 we are using at present.


    The output 400mA min - 600mA typ sounds good, but we dont have negative power source.


    We  are using this device but the output current is insufficiency it is 350mA min.

    We would like to replace this to another high current output device.

    How do you think about this using the one part of AD8260? Not recommend?

    We will use it (but not fix) as the current buffer amp gain=1.

    And I will put the another question sled for SSM2211 audio amp.

    It also study for this application.

    Thanks Kaos 

  • Hi Kaos,

    If those parts do not work for you, then you can use the high output current driver of the AD8260. I would recommend that you ground the input pins of the VGA and the buffer. The output current of the part should not be affected in the case that you use it with a single supply.

    I hope this helps!


  • Thanks Kris

    And thank you for your additional comment also.

    Well,,,, we will also study your good RF amp eg;Gain block.....

    If we dont need impedance matching between befor part and after part, we will put yout AD8260.

    But need impedance matching, we will put your a few gain block and attenator.

    Anyway we can proceed our job to forward.


    Thanks again Kaos