a couple of question for AD8260

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a couple of question for your AD8260.


I will just use only the high current driver part.

Not use VGA/PreAMP and VMID buffer parts.

If so, how should I connect the NOT USING PIN,  GND or OPEN or Pull-up high level?

And please give me the good comment for such way? Can I use only high current driver part?


Can I use by 5V single ended power supply for the high currnet part?

If so yes, what is the output current? How should think it?

On your data sheet. I can see RLOAD = 1 Ω, VIN = ±0.5 V +/-310mA only ,I cannot find the case of single end input.

Our application is radio device.

AD8260 get the diff-signal 1Vp-p from AD9762 DAC and take the signal to next LPF for transmit by antenna.

AD9762 get the 3MHz FSK signal from front device. So I use the signal 1MHz to 4MHz on AD8260.

If you have an another good device for this case, please recommend it to me?

I need around 0.3W the outout power from driver.

Thanks Kaos

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