MAT14 vs. MAT04

Hi All,

One of my customers has been using MAT04 transistor for their Log amplifier.

Recently, their MAT04 stock become decrease and it is pressing them to start replacement design by MAT14.

For estimating the impact on their Log Amplifier performance, design engineer would like to have the following data which are not shown in the data sheet of MAT14.

1. Regarding Figure 5 in MAT14 Data Sheet, Base Emitter-On-Voltage, they need the graph to Ic=1pA.

2. They need the Collector-to-Substrate Leakage vs. Temperature graph. They especially interested in the leakage at around 0V to 5V of collector-to-Substrate voltage.

3. Figure 14 of MAT14 Data Sheet shows Collector-to-Collector Leakage vs., Temperature. They would like to see the same graph of MAT04 for the comparison purpose.

4. The information of structural difference between MAT04 and MAT14, such as p/n area size, transistor size, insulation size etc.

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