ADCMP354 truth table

Hello All,

This is a elementary question but confusing one.

According to Figure 21(I attached below) in the ADCMP354 datasheet(Rev B), I think at fist comparator connect to n-FET and its drain connect to the output-pin, then if the output of comparator is low, the output of ADCMP354 is high.

However ADCMP354 is active high and non-inverting comparator and if the input is lower than 0.6, the output should be low.

I think Figure 21 is not exactly but I'd like to confirm the truth table of ADCMP354 and ADCMP350.

device input output
ADCMP350 >0.6 low
<0.6 high
ADCMP354 >0.6 high
<0.6 low

Is it correct?