ADA4817-1 differential to single end

I use ADA4817-1 to convert differential voltage to single end. The common voltage is +0.3V ~ +0.7V, and the differential voltage is about 5mV to 2000mV. The source impedance is about 5k ~10k Ohm. Signal frequency from DC to100MHz.

The simple circuit see below

But the output is vary from temperature(source impedance changed with temperature).

I've tried noninverting buffer circuit, but the slew rate of the output became bad(<3V/100nS).

Any suggestions about the circuit or other amplifier ?

  • Hi.

    What output are you expecting? In your circuit, you would only see the offset of the part at the output since the common-mode voltage you set will just be rejected by the part and since you don't have a differential input voltage. Please put the differential voltage and see what happens and let me know.

    What typically is your application? I could help you more if you could provide this.



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