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I found AD 8552 spice model not working properly.Initially the file was not reading , then I found  there is two "dots' in before "subckt" declaration and I changed it and my spice program ( LT Spice) started reading. But I got a model without any labels, please check the attached image. I probably can do a trial and error to find the pins, but I am just wondering there is an updated model?

I have one more question. Is there any design or manufacturing change made to this particular amplifier recently (in last 5 years) because we are seeing some problems recently (in a nutshell a floating ground on output)? This question is a separate discussion but I am just wondering

  • The downloaded version of the spice model wont work because of the small bug in the declaration. But usually LT spice generate models fairly decently. I have generated many symbols and never had a problem, for example AD8552 is one I am using and it works goood. Is there anyway to make it work? or can you suggest any spice software which is ideal for this model to work?

    Ignore the problem i mentioned regarding floating ground, I know I have not given much information. I was just wondering any revisions have been done.

    Question of 13 year old design which needs to be updated, its funding issue, we have almost progressed to another product to obsolete this product. But I agree with you to improve the design and infact our team has a new design also.

  • Hello,

    no need to go for try and error: the translation of the numbers to usual pin names is given in the cir-file, though the formatting is not ideal. I copy the correspondig part of the spice model with proper indention to show the mapping of names to numbers (1 is the noninverting input, 2 the inverting....):

                             * Node Assignments

                             *            noninverting input

                             *            |     inverting input

                             *            |     |     positive supply

                             *            |     |     |        negative supply

                             *            |     |     |        |      output

                             *            |     |     |        |      |

                             *            |     |     |        |      |

    ..SUBCKT AD8552        1    2    99    50    45

    You can easily change the labels in LTSpice symbol editor to more meaningfull text (a rightclick on the pin), you just have to keep the netlist order in the given sequence.

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