Need help to design a transimpedance using ADA4062

I am designing a transimpedance using ADA4062-2(figure 1). The input signal contains 1kHz sine wave and 2kHz sine wave. My target is to measure the amplitude and the phase of 2kHz sine wave signal.

As the signal is quite small, I decide to use the T feedback network. My question is that would such structure(ada4062+T feedback network) cause serious distortion of 1kHz signal and then affect the phase and amplitude of 2kHz signal? Thank you very much!

Figure 1

  • Hi, Billyzhao

    Fist I need to ask did you try to make that circuit and test it, or need just simulated results?

    I do not have that Amp. on my disposal to try it for real.

    But base on your drawing I calculate/simulate circuit and it will not affect phase much, before 1kHz it drops and stabilize at around 90deg. At 1kHz on output it will be like ~95.5 deg and  2k at ~92.5 deg.

    And it will interest you to know that Total harmonic distortion for 1kHz will be less then 1% THD and < 0.03% for 2k.

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