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Magnetic Compatible LNA


I am working on the RF receiving coil of MRI scanner, and a magnetic compatible low noise amplifier is required to work as pre-amplifier inside the magnetic body. The magnetic field could be 1.5T or maybe up to 7T. I noticed that ADI has a document of MRI solution (see the attachment), which mentioned the product AD8675 and AD8676 as amplifiers, but I cannot find the magnetic immunity property form the datasheet. So my questions are:

1. Are these two products magnetic compatible and works in the frequency from 1.5T to 7T (64MHz to 300 MHz)?

2. If not, does ADI have other magnetic compatible LNA products?

3. If you have but require NDA, could you please provide me the contact of your FAE of this kind of LNA? My location is in Hangzhou, China, which is close to Shanghai.



Tim Wu