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AD811AN(PDIP Package) Getting Heated for +/-12V Power Supply

Hello Friends,

I am using AD811AN(8 pin PDIP package) video amplifier for my ultrasound receiver signal amplification process.

I have attached reference schematic.

i operate AD811 in dual power supply mode. that is +/-12V.

i have studied datasheet of AD811. in datasheet there is some recommendation for resistor values that can be used for amplification.

i have used those resistors.

at the output, i have put the CRO probe for output signal analysis.

but the problem is  when i switch on both power supply, AD811 is getting heated.

power dissipation will be = (24Vx16mA = 0.384W)

My questions are as below:

1) How can i dissipate heat safely for AD811AN(8 pin PDIP package)? can i use heat sink ?

2) Which are the new CFB Op-Amps which are better then AD811 & can operate on +/-12V & no heat dissipation problem occur(if possible)

3) how can i use VGA for my  ultrasound receiver signal amplification process?is any document is there then give me the link.