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Harmonic distortion for ADA4927-1 in single-ended output configuration


I need to convert the differential signal to the single-ended (SE) signal. The harmonics level at frequencies of DC-180 MHz shall not exceed -45 dBc when the signal level 0.56 Vp-p. Matching differential receivers I have not found. Use a differential amplifier on a standard op amp and four resistors is undesirable because of the fact that it has unequal input resistance for both inputs. Can I use for this purpose ADA4927-1 and take the signal from only one output? Which in this case is the level of harmonics (datasheet does not say anything about it)? Do I need load a second output with dummy resistor?

Alternatively, the ADA4927-1 differential output can be fed to a differential amplifier on a conventional op amp, but it is not clear this will improve or not.