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Setting up circuit with AD8223

I have several questions about using this instrumentation amplifier.  I am using it to amplify a signal that varies from 0-30 mV to 0-3 mV. 

The input signal and the supply voltages may have some RFI on them, although I have no idea what the frequency would be.  So I am looking at Figure 34 on page 15 of the datasheet, where a suggested low pass filter is posted.  Could I use the exact values of series resistors and capacitors on the input side and a.) not affect my input voltages greatly, considering how low they are and b.) remove RFI with these values?

Also, I see that this figure has multiple capacitors on the supply side.  What are these for?  Why are there two on each side?  Why does one of the capacitors on each side have a curved line and a plus sign?


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