a question about  LMH6629 and a evaluation board

I am trying to make a transimpedance amplifier using the LMH6629 Opamp. I use a Universal Precision Op Amp Evaluation Board in SOT-23 Package. Its manufacturer number is EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RJZ. The transimpedance amplifier is to amplify a laser signal with 10MHz Frequency modulation. However; in the data **** it is said that the board is not suitable for high speed amplifiers and high frequency components. I am not sure if 10MHz is a high speed for this board because it seems that the frequency response is OK for 1MHz.  Can someone help me with that?

Another question:

I try to use this Opamp to make a inverting amplifier first. However, when I just connect the Vee, Vcc and the output(without the input), I saw strong oscillation on the oscilloscope. I have tried 2200 microF and 0.1 microF by bypass capacitors. The 2200 microF capacitors can kind of reduce the oscillation ; however, it is still quite an amount of oscillation there. Can someone tell me if that is the problem of the evaluation board?