Measuring DC Voltage with AD8436

Hello Everyone,

I am designing a Home Automation system where we need to measure the AC mains voltage i.e. 220V/60Hz through a microcontroller, I plan on using one of your RMS to DC converter chips, AD8436 in single supply mode, for feeding in the voltage to the MCU's ADC input. I am having a little confusion in designing the whole circuit, I contacted your technical support via email and I was suggested to post my queries here on this forum. I have attached the schematic that I have designed so far, any review would be highly appreciated. I have a few questions though.

1. What kind of isolation should I use for the circuit since the AC and DC ground will be common here in this circuit

2. Is using the resistor divider here for scaling down the input to the chip's accepted range a good practice? If no, then what other options do I have?



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