Need Help using Eval inamp 62rz to amplify a Hall sensor output voltage.

Hello I am pretty inexperienced with circuits. I have the Eval Inamp 62 Rz and I am trying to amplify a voltage I'm getting from a hall sensor. I'm pretty certain I will use an AD622 with a gain of 100 but I'm not certain on what needs to installed on the Eval Inamp 62RZ board to get my project working. I'm not entirely understanding whether I need to use dual supply or power supply and how these will change what is installed on the board. Or how to get a reference voltage to be 1/2 power supply voltage. I also am not sure whether I need to implement anything with the guards, and if so which guards?

Basically the idea I have to do is use a current provider to send current through my hall sensor, which will generate a voltage in a magnetic field, then I will take the two leads for the hall sensor (V+ and V-) to the Eval input, then use the Eval to amplify the voltage and lead that from the output into a lockin amplifier. If this is vague and not really helpful into someone guiding me into how to get the Eval inamp 62Rz to work for this project please let me know and I can clarify any statements.

Thank you very much,

Alex K