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Need your help for choosing Laser Driver Device


My customer want to use a DFB Laser (DFB-10G-DM-1310 of Optilab) and is serching a laser driver IC for this laser.

They say that this laser driver IC shoould be used for 10GHz analog optic direct modulation and for this, linearity is very important feature for this driver IC.

And this IC also need a linear amp for amplifying RF input in attached datasheet of laser.

They also say that the frequency BW of ADN2531 is matched with theuir purpose, but they need your confirmation about whether ADN2531 can be used for supporting this laser.

Would you confirm above things and recommand a appropriate laser driver IC for this laser?

Please advise me.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



  • Dear Se-woong,

    Thank you for being interested in Analog Devices products.

    ADN2531 is one of quantizer type of laser diode drivers. It supports directly modulated laser by sinking bias and modulation currents from a DML laser diode. Please note, with ADN2531, both bias and modulation current amplitudes to the laser diode are "linearly controllable" via BSET/MSET external voltage inputs .

    I am not sure if these are what you need.

    Best Regards,

    Dongfeng Zhao