ADA4700 Spice Model do not work "Missing node(s)"

The Spice Model do not work

The error is missing node(s)

  • Hi,

    What simulation platform are you using? Can you share your schematic.



  • Hello Volker,

    Did you directly downloaded the spice model from the product webpage?

    I believe you may have accidentally modify the spice model while you are exporting it. I ran a quick test of the model in a buffer configuration and it works fine. If you are certain that the ADA4700 model is the problem in your circuit, you can try to download a new model from our website and export it carefully with your prefered simulator.

    I also check the model in our own simulator and it run smoothly in simple buffer configuration. You can try our ADIsimPE for your simulation needs if you like.



  • Hallo

    I use EAGLE to draw
    and export a Spice Netlist

    Than I import the netlist in LTSpice

    The netlist


    .tran 0 100m

    .include C:/EAGLE/cir/ADA4700.cir

    * Pinorder: A K

    XD1  N9 OUT 1N4148

    .INCLUDE C:/EAGLE/cir/1N4148.mod

    * Pinorder: I+ I- V+ V- O

    XOP  N7 N5 N1 N2 N3 ADA4700

    R1  N9 N5 3.3k

    R2  N7 IN 22

    R3  OUT N3 22

    R4  OUT 0 1k

    R5  OUT N9 3.3k

    * Pinorder: P M

    V1  IN 0  PULSE(0 1 1m 1m 1m 10m 30m)

    * Pinorder: P M

    V3  0 N1 50

    * Pinorder: P M

    V4  N2 0 50




    The error

    Ada4700: Missing node(s).



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