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AD202 power supply current requirements

I'm looking to properly size my power supply. I am hoping to run 12 AD202KNs off of a single power supply. I see in the data sheets the AD-246 requirements but I wasn't clear on whether they applied to AD202s from a +15 V source.

How much current should I expect a single AD202 to draw while loaded? How do they sum for multiple AD202s?

Thank you!

  • Hi Scott,

    Base on the datasheet of AD202/AD204 the current consumption of AD202K at no load is 5mA.The current when loaded will be dependent on how much load your circuit have. Although not given in detail like the AD204, quick estimation is to compute given your max load consumption and add the no load specification. This is a quick estimation and should be treated as a minimum value.

    Please let me know if you have any more concern.