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offset problem of AD8629 OPAMP

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our customer have met one trouble as following.

(This discuss came from another sled cause my miss understood)

On my enclosed schematic Fig-1.pdf,

step-1 power off and keep waiting around 30 sec

step-2 power on

step-3 around 90msec offset voltage appear at out-1 pin

step-4 power off and on but the 90mV offset is not cleared

Also refer to my enclosed time chart "tme chart when power off and on.pdf".


*1 ; 30sec is not certainly.

*3 ; in some cases, it return to expected value

After once this trouble happen, out-2 is up and dowm on offset voltage 900mV(x10 gained value)


When we work with above action, does your AD8629 do such a motion?or not.

If he replace the thermopile(TP) to fixed resister 175kohm, then the result was same.

Please advice us before your holiday!!

Thank you in advance Kaos