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AD628 offset issue


I am using AD628 for my current sensing application .Current range 0 to 2.5amps through the R76 (0.01 current sense resistor )  . the gain for first stage is 0.1 and second stage is sate as 3.12  , supply voltage for the AD628 is +5V and GND (single supply). while measuring the 1st stage output at C512 (by varying the current from 0amps to 2 amps) , I am always getting 0.715V and second stage 2.174V . whereas the expected voltage level should be as below .


Current(amps) Expected output @ 1st stage of AD628 . Expected output @ 2st stage of AD628.
0.5 0.05V 0.156V
1 0.1V 0.312V
1.5 0.15V 0.468V
2 0.2V 0.624V
2.5 0.25V 0.78V

Kindly address the  same issue .

Regards ,


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