Cascading AD8015 and two AD8099

Hi supporter,

I'm going to use an AD8015 to convert the current output from a photodiode,

following the AD8015 are two stage of AD8099 with both 5 times noninverting amplifying set (5x5 =25 times)

1.As the datasheet mentioned, the output impedance of AD8015 is 50 ohms, is that means the input of next stage (the first AD8099) must connect a 50 ohms resistor to ground?

2.About the circuit configuration part of AD8099, it's mentioned that the RL has strong relation to the output performance. If I want to cascade two AD8099 to get 5x5 times configuration, are there something have to be took care of (the second stage input resistor and the first stage output resistor)?

Thanks for taking your time.


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