Offset Voltage adjustment for OP177

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our customer asked th following question to me.

As for your OPAMP OP177GSZ,

your datasheet shows the adjustable offset voltage adjustment range is +/-3mV typ by adding 20kohm POT on Rp.

So if we need it +/-6mV, then what is the external Rp value?

10kohm POT?


Maybe this was shown in past sled here but I could not find it sorry

Thanks Kaos

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  • Kaos,

    The OP177 came out in 1989;  why are we spending any time on it?

    I told you:

    --  Adusting offset increases TCVos

    --  Large adjustment range means the customer is using it for a system level adjust;  this is poor practice.

    The customer can do whatever he wants with our part, but if he deviates too far from the recommended

    operating conditions, we cannot predict what the part will do and will provide no support.

    He can look at the ADA4177-1, ADA4077-1, ADA4638-1, or AD8677.

    If they use the ADA4638-1, there is no offset.  Any system offset should be removed somewhere else.


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