What is the (noninverting) input impedance of AD8337?

What is the (noninverting) input impedance of AD8337?

And another question: someone has asked about its dynamic range, and got a detailed answer, but in the end it claimed:

"3. The AD8337 was developed and characterized as a differential-output device."

while it is clearly stated in the datasheet that AD8337 is a single-ended amplifier from both input and output.

Have I overlooked anything?

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  • Hi Michael,

    Your AD8337 inquiry was referred to me, I am it's application engineer. The preamp of the AD8337 is similar to the AD8001, a class of amplifier characterized as current feedback. In terms of input impedance, the noninverting input behaves as a voltage feedback amplifier with high-input impedance typical to common-emitter bipolar amplifiers with driven base architecture. The inverting input is low-impedance, due to an internal direct feedback transimpedance amplifier with G=1. For the AD8001, the input resistance numbers are 10Mohm and 50 ohm, respectively. For further information, I recommend you refer to the AD8001 data sheet, as I believe the AD8337 preamp is a very close if not a direct recycle of the AD8001 architecture.

    You are correct, the output is SE. EZ questions are rarely routed to me but I hope I didn't tell you it is differential



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