AD8250 - AD8253 spice model LTspice results


I would like to simulate with LT Spice IV the simple AD8250 (and related AD8253) amplifier.

I use VS+=15V, VS-=-15V, A0=A1=DGND=ground, WR=VS- (=-15V) and I apply an input positive signal In+=+5V. Negative Input IN-=ground. Output reference REF=ground.

The output is tied to -10V.

For any input signal I tried, seems that there is on the output an offset of -15V. In fact if I put REF=+15V then the circuit works fine (for a limited range of input compared what it is written in datasheet).

Please anybody went already through this issue and can answer to this question, or can anybody do a quick verification to help me anyway?

Thank you very much in advance.



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