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AD8336 Simulation in PSPICE Issues


I am having some trouble simulating the AD8336 part in PSPICE. I have downloaded the SPICE model from the Analog Devices website. I created the PSPICE model from it and associated a schematic capture symbol with it as I usually do with models from Analog and other manufactures. When I run the simulation I receive a few errors and the simulation aborts.

Here are the two errors specifically.

ERROR (ORPSIM-16152) : Invalid number $

ERROR (ORPSIM-16049) : Values must be monotonic increasing

For some reason I can't paste the text right from the file into this question. I will attach a text file with the output log to this question. I'm just trying to do some simple simulations with this part to evaluate its performance and determine the need for the internal preamp or not. I have attempted both Transient analysis and AC sweeps. Both give me the same errors. I have done some searching around and it seems that this model has had some previous history of not working very well. I'm curious if its something Im doing or if there is a problem with the model. If the model is suspect has it been fixed?

I have also included a screen shot of the schematic I am trying to simulate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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