OP2177 will be replaced with OPA2180


I want you to give us advice.

OP2177 is targetted to be replaced with competitors, OPA2180 and so on.

We try to promote ADA4077-2A. But they mentioned TCVos is worse than OP2177. They don't want to use it.

ADA4522-2 doen't seem to compete with OPA2180 bacause of pricing.

Their requirement is as below,

Pin compatible with OP2177ARMZ

MSOP: We can't promote ADA4077-2B because ADA4077-2B is only available with SO-8.

Better TCVos MAX

Power supply: +/-15V

Input signal frequency: 50kHz

Cheaper than OP2177

Ta: -5'C to 85'C Actual Ta would be up to 60'C If we can guarantee ADA4077-2A is better TCVos than OP2177 at this temp range, we may keep this biz.

Cload: 0.1uF capability



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  • OPA2180 achieves it's low drift through a zero-drift architecture which will have the penalty of increased noise due to the internal switching.  Normally,  additional low pass filtering would be needed to reduce the switching noise generated by the zero-drift circuit. The ADA4077-2 is a conventional opamp (continuous-time, i.e. no internal switching) and therefore achieves very low drift without the penalty of extra noise.  ADA4522-2 deploys a novel zero-drift architecture that reduces the switching noise and moves it to higher frequencies, making it easy to filter.

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