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I'm a little bit confuse on the output current capability of this amplifier.

In my simulation, with +8.5V/-3.5V of power supply, this amplifier can source up to 180mA on 3.6v output and 100mA on 5V output.

This differes from the datasheet saying +-52mA.

Previously I was using AD8510 for low noise application, but I need to drive up to 100mA on 5V ouput with the same values of power supplies.

Can you helpl me on this subject ?

Thank you
  • Hi,

    Good day. Thank you for your interest in using ADI Parts. In AD8597, it looks like the short circuit current was not included in the model, but the data specified on the data sheet is the correct current value. If you are looking for a device that could provide you an output current of 180mA, I advise you to use AD8531 and AD8591, both have the value of +/-250mA output current.

    May I know if you have any circuit requirement like voltage supply, bandwidth, slew rate or others? Do you have any requirement on package type? What will your application be? I could support you further if you could supply me with the answer in these questions.

    Thank You.


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