-1/Vin function with multiplier or divider chip


I am trying to design a circuit that has the function -k*1/x. I'm looking into your multiplier ICs, could you help me select the correct IC for this function?  An app note if available would be great too!

My power rails are +/-5V, my input voltage range is from 0.4V to 2V.

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  • Hi Monse,

    I was looking on some of our multipliers/dividers product and found a few devices that can cater your supply rails requirements. AD834, AD835,  AD538 and AD539 however, there are no exact configuration on how to achieve your transfer function w=-k*1/x on these devices datasheet. AD633, however. has shown one way to achieve this together with AD711. Unfortunately, AD633 operates on +/- 8V minimum supply.  AD835  could be a good candidate for this but can't surely say it perfectly fit without testing or running some simulation. I laready forwarded your question to the product owner of these devices to further support your question.



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