(AD8417)If I can calibrate the system , can I cancel the input offset?

Hi !

I have few questions about AD8417.

I am suggesting AD8417 to one of my customer to sense the current of the battery system with high side.

The system which I suggest now is this.

And the competitor is INA213-Q1(http://www.tij.co.jp/jp/lit/ds/symlink/ina213-q1.pdf ).

To reduce the offset and gain error, I am suggesting to calibrate the system.


If our customer calibrate the system with 0A , can they cancel VOLTAGE OFFSET(RTI)?

And if they can do this, will it be only temp drift to take care about with the system after the calibrate?


Our customer wants to sense 0A exactly.

But every AMP cannot output 0V.

So I am suggesting to shift the common level more than 0.5V to sense 0A and calibrate the system.

Is there other way to sense 0A and also keep the wide range output as possible as they can?


The system supply voltage is 12V so 70V common level is too much.

Also they don't need high frequency as AD8417 has.

I think input offset will be calibrated so it will be canceled.

The most important spec is temp drift .

Can you give me some other advise to win to INA213-Q1?

Best regards.