ADA4895-1 output noise

I would like a sanity check on my noise calculation and the actual result and any other comments.

Two ADA4895-1 op-amps in series each with a non-inverting gain of 10x. Rf = 226 ohms. Rg = 25.1 ohms, Rs = 51 ohms.

They are followed by an AD8021 with a non-inverting gain of 1. That is followed by a single pole R-C filter with 249 ohms and 18pF into an AD9240 ADC. The R-C filter frequency should be 35MHz. 55MHz was used due to the 1.57 single pole factor.

     From the ADA4895-1 datasheet:

236 MHz, −3 dB bandwidth (G = +10)

voltage noise is 1nV / SQRT(Hz)

current noise is 1.6pA / SQRT(Hz)

With the input grounded what is the predicted amplifier output noise into the AD9240? For my first approximation I ignored the AD8021 and assumed the first stage ADA4895-1 would dominate.


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