AD8366: input/output matching networks (pt.2)

Dear support,

Sorry, but I open a new post 'cause it's more then 4 days that I try to reply to my previous question but the forum "reply" option is disabled. I don't know why, but I am wasting lot of time to complete my design. I have also tried to send an email but I got no response.

My question was:

" in my design I would adopt the AD8366 DVGA.

I want to ask a reference design or some guide lines in order to match the output and input of the AD8366 with the rest of the circuit:

- on the INPUT the signal is a 50Ohms single-ended.

- on the OUTPUT the AD8366 is connected to an ADC by mean of a twinax 100Ohms cable.


Could you please suggest the right matching solution for the AD8366 input and output? "

Moreover I want to add the simplified scheme of the parts that drive the AD8366 (attached).

The input is taken out of a Band Pass Filter made by discrete components (L and C) preceded by a gain block (ADL5530).

The ADC is differential: LTC2194.

Thank you in advance for your reply