AD8495 thermocouple amp differential output

Application note CN0271 shows a dedicated differential amplifier being used to make the single-ended output of the AD8495 differential, but I'm wondering, with the reference pin,  if it is possible to use the method shown in some Analog Devices instrumentation amplifier datasheets, e.g. in the data sheet for INA AD8228, figure 50, with an op-amp between the REF pin and output (as shown below).

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  • Hi Jon_B,

    The AD8495 REF pin works just the same way as the REF pin in the AD8228. I see no problem with your approach to creating a differential signal.

    If you are using this to drive an un-buffered ADC input, you might find you need to use an approach more like CN0271, with the dedicated ADC driver. The AD8495 output stage is much slower and it is not designed to drive a heavy load like that presented by an un-buffered ADC.

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