ADN8810 pulsed operation


I would like to use ADN8810 in pulsed mode, with response time faster than what can be achieved using the SB pin which is 6us. I need to bring the response time close to 0.1us and I was looking if the ENCOMP pin can be used for this purpose. There is practically no information in the datasheet about this pin. Any other options?

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  • Dear Ben,

    ADN8810 is a good programmable current source for CW laser bias application.

    It is not optimized for laser diode pulsed driving application.

    ENCOMP pin switches in and out an internal 8pF capacitor by pull it HIGH and LOW to compensate output opamp and the feedback loop stability when does the device output trim. After done the device trim, we always recommend ENCOMP pin connected to Vss.

    You might have to consider other circuitry to work with ADN8810 or other device to satisfy your pulse applications target.

    For example, AD9665 might be a device good for your pulse application.

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