What is the Common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2 ?


I would like to know the common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2. I am using this as a buffer. The supply voltage to the Op-Amp is ±5 V and my input would be near to 5V( assume 4.9V). What can be my possible output value.?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Emman,

    Thanks for the reply. 

    Actually my supply voltage would be a ±5V. This is a constant current circuit. You can use the below link for the circuit. This circuit was facing some issues on the precision and so on. So i thought of replacing the Op-amp(previously i was using uA747) with a better precision one. I am using a regulator to stabilize my input. Currently the input is ±15V. I am regulating it to ±5V. This is the reason i said my supply voltage would be ±5V.

    Moreover, from the circuit in the link, I am planning to use a buffer at the output for measuring the output voltage. So i needed a precise, low offset opamp. I came across Op-amps and finally selected ADA4522-2,since i am using the same IC for both the Op-Amps.

    I saw ADA4528, but in this Op-Amp the supply voltage is only from  ±1 to  ±2.75 which cannot be used for my application. 

     Please let me know whether i went wrong anywhere.


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