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The spice model of ADA4350 is wrong (pin SWA_OUT and pin SWB_OUT should be swapped)


Hi, I want to report a bug on the spice model of ADA4350. In the datasheet, pin 27 is SWA_OUT and pin 1 is SWB_OUT, 

In the spice model, the subckt is defined as:

.Subckt Main N10 N11 VCC VEE VDD DGND N12 N13 P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 N25 N26 N3 N2 N28 27 1 4 5 6 7 8 9

where 27 is SWA_OUT and 1 is SWB_OUT, however, in the switch section, P0 actually connect FB0 to SWB_OUT,

*** 6 switch pairs ***
X4 VDD P0 P0N Trigger
S0 9 N12 P0 P0N FBsw
S6 1 9 P0 P0N Outsw

where 9 is FB0 and 1 is SWB_OUT.

I check ADA4350.cir and confirmed this problem. I would also recommend that changing the subckt name from Main to ADA4350.

BTW, I plan to use ADA4350 as a programmable PGA and integrared ADC buffer (using CN-0033 and the example in ADA4941), I do not know whether this application is recommended. And can ADA4350 be used to drive 2MSPS 18bit ADC such as AD4003 (Bandwidth, Slew Rate, and Noise, etc.) to sample 1MHz signals with Vpp=9V?

Best Regards.