ADCMP572 input termination absolute maximum rating?


The datasheet for ADCMP572 curiously does not mention anything about maximum current/power in the input 50 Ohm termination resistors. For instance with VCCI=3.3 V, the other absolute max ratings seem to allow for input voltage to be as high as +3.8 V but I think that is probably not credible when the termination pin is grounded. That would be 76 mA or 290 mW.

Can someone clarify what is the real absolute maximum rating for these termination resistors? And could this be added to the datasheet please?

I am not asking about functional performance, only about damage levels. Trying to understand any possible power supply sequencing issues or other overload conditions in my design. The input signal will come from LMH6629 opamp with separate power supplies (probably +/-2.5 V).