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Questions about LTC6404-1

Dear sir or Madam 

Can LTC6404-1 be used as  half unity gain(0.5V/V)   ?

best regards ,


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  • Hi Angelic,

    The datasheet does not state that gains of <1V/V are doable with LTC6404-1. However, LTspice simulation shows that you can:

    1. Increase RF, RG absolute values to lower peaking (more stable).

    2. Add cap across RF's to lower peaking.

    Here is a simulation file for G= 0.5V/V with -3dB BW of around 400MHz with no discernible peaking for your review:

    Here is the simulation file for your reference:

    LTC6404-1 0p5VperV lowered gain EZ 2_26_20.asc

    So, I think you should be able to get the part to work at this lower gain with the tricks above in case you encounter too much peaking / ringing.