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LT1999 with Vout levels


I'm studying how to use LT1999-20 for a project and I have simulated a circuit to learn about it.

I want to amplify an AC current signal, so I simulate next circuit.

I adjust VRef to 1.41 V in both circuits and I add a current source but it is ZERO. The difference between circuits is the resistance. In the left cirucit, it is 1 ohm and in the right circuit is 100.

When I simulated the circuits, I get the following results:

Vout of the left circuit is in red, and it is 1.42 V and Vout of the right circuit is 2.32 V.

In theory, Vout shall be 1.41 V because of the current is zero and both circuits have 1.41V VRef.

I don't know why this difference exists if I change the resisteance and I have searched for information in the datasheet, but I don't find where the trouble is.

I will appreciate any information about this.


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    Jan 14, 2020 +2 verified

    Hi glomumu,

    I think you're seeing the LT1999-20 input bias current flow in the 100ohm sense resistor showing up as an output voltage shift.

    I measure about 500uA current modeled in LTspice for the conditions…