Using the pre amp of AD8336 as a differential to single ended amplifier

hi Folks

according to AD8336 datasheet, it is a single-ended input and output VGA, but my question is:

1. Is it possible to use its pre amplifier as a differential amplifier to changing a differential input signal to a singled-ended one pass to its VGA part? actually I want to use its pre-amp as a differential to single ended-part of a discrete instrumentation amplifier.

2. the AD8336 datasheet just offered two resistors for 12dB(x4) gain of biasing the pre amp, and said nothing about 26dB(x20) biasing resistor. which resistors are suitable for 26dB gain?

3. are there any app notes about nulling AD8336 offset voltage in high gain? or Do you have any solutions/circuits for doing it?

I highly appreciated to read your comments


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