Discrete chopper switch


I want to use some single chopper switches in my prototype PCB. However, when I searched in ADI product list, there are only chopper-stabilized amplifiers which usually consist of two chopper switches.

I just want to use one chopper switch in my design which seems like a mixer. So I was wondering if there is a product as I want. For instance, an IC integrates several chopper switches and several clock control signals.

Thanks and look forward to your reply.

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  • Hi KirV,

    These two looks helpful.

    I don't want to use amplifier as switches. I only want to use switches as the topic of this question requests. Maybe because chopper usually is used in chopper-stabilized opamp, it makes you confused.

    In fact, I am searching for a chopper switch which usually consists of four normal switches, for instance, four NMOSs. I can use one control signal to control them. However, if I search "chopper" in ADI product list, it shows chopper amplifier. 

    Now I think I should look into the switch list.