ADA4350 multiple devices on SPI bus


In my project I use 3 ADA4350 amplifiers, and I want to control them via SPI bus. I plan to connect them together (i.e. the SCLK, MISO and MOSI lines are connected in parallel to all 3 ADA4350's) with a separate CS line for each slave device. I.e. as follows:

Now, according to this other forum post

the ADA4350 keeps it's SDO-line always driven unless disabled by software by writing 1 in the 23rd bit in the register. But on startup, the default is 0, so the SDO line is driven. Could this cause a short-circuit between the three ADA4350's? Or does the SDO-line go Hi-Z when the slave is not selected (CS line high) ??

So how can I use all 3 ADA4350's on the same SPI bus together?

I know that similar questions have already been asked in this forum, but there were no complete answers.

Thank you in advance!

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