connecting ad831 in parallel

 Hello every one,

I am software guy. Some how trying to use ad831 as a mixer connecting in parallel as seen on attached  file. +5V and -5V  are supplied to both of the mixers from the same source. The problem I faced is here. While measuring the supplied -5V  at each mixer it shows ~ -1.2V. what could be the problem?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 15, 2019 12:41 PM


    Did you ground all three chips to same GND? What's the voltage you measured at the power supply? What is the current compliance for the power supply?


  • Hello dear.

    Thank you  a lot for your help.

    Yes, I did. All of them are grounded to the same GND. I don't get the second question fully. If you meant  the output of -5V voltage regulator(MC78058), it is -1.2V as I said.  

    A DC voltage  setting from the main source is +12V which connected  to Cosel MGFW152415 votage regulator. -15V output of MGFW152415 goes to  the regulator MC78058 which resulted in -5V.

    A current reading from the main source is 0.86A.

    By the way, while disconnecting  the mixers and measure  voltage supplied to each of them in dividually, -5v is perfectly dilvered.


    Thank you  a lot once again .