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ad8235 turn on time


     I was wondering how long it takes the ad8235 chip to turn on from no power, and from shut-down mode. 


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  • Does that mean that the power-up time is faster than the wake-up time? 

    So would it be better to just power up (~90us) the device every time, rather than shutting it down and waking it up (~400us)?



  • Hi,

    Please be informed that the 90uS was performed with the following conditions:

    +Vs = 5V, -Vs = GND

    +IN = -IN = Vref = 2.5V

    The Vo was at 2.5V level within around  ~90uS as the +Vs is already enough to produce the said voltage level. But, if the Vo is expected to be higher than 2.5V level or if the Vref is made to be higher, at 90uS, the +Vs is not yet enough. The settling time of +Vs to be stable at 5V is actually at ~400uS as well.

    Also, if we opted to turn on and off the device through the +Vs pin, we must also secure that the input voltage is turned-off as the device is still off and the +Vs must be supplied first prior the input signal(proper power-up sequencing) to avoid damage on the device.

    Hope this helps. Thank you!