AD8205 SPICE Model differ from the actual device


I've downloaded and installed the model AD8205.cir and I'm not quite sure how accurate the model is. I noticed two deviations from the actual device:

Operating conditions:
Vcc = 5V
Vfer1 = Vref2 = 0V
Rshunt = 0.5mR (for the sake of completeness)
Simulator: LTSpice

The zezo current output voltage should be 50mV (max?) according to the datasheet and I measure 25mV on the actual IC. But The spice model outputs 97mV under that conditions. That's twice as much as mentioned in the datasheet.

If I start to increase the current through the shunt on the actual IC, the output start to rise only at 0.4A and above (that corresponds to 0.2mV between IN+ & IN-). In the spice model the output starts to rise immediatly when I start to increase the current.

Do I overlook something?

Thank You