How to select LTC1068 IC series for individual LP, HP and BP usage?


I want to select an active filter IC for low pass filter with f(-3db) = 10Hz. I found that the LTC1068 IC series could meet my needs. From the data sheet, the IC could be use as LP, HP, BP or band rejection. My question is that for each application of LP, HP or BP if it corresponds to different IC series number  or it just changes the resistors for one series number of IC (e.g. LTC1068-25).

For my purpose of low pass filter with f(-3db) = 10 Hz, can I select the LTC1068-25, LTC-50, LTC1068 or LTC1068-200 with a tunnable clock frequence of fCLK =  25*10, 50*10, 100*10, 200*10Hz.

Is there a suitable clock generator with tunnable frequency for above use.

If someone could suggest me one active filter IC with serial number and one appropriate tunnable clock generator IC also with serial number.

Many thanks!


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