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About LT6106 Vout(High) Output Swing High


I would like to use LT6106.

So, I have a question. Please help me.


I have a question about datasheet p.3.

Below is the electrical characteristic about Vout (High).

When Vsense = 120 mV, there is 1.2 V max (1.4 V at the whole temperature) ,

but there is a doubt about the specification at this time.

I think that Vout is calculated by the following formula.
Vout = Vsense * Gain
(Gain = Rout / Rin)

At this time, because Vsense = 120 mV, Rin = 100 Ω, Rout = 10 kΩ, Gain = 100 in the specification, I think that Vout will be 12 V.

Is this a mistake in the datasheet?

If erroneous, please tell me the official range of Vout Swing.

Best Regards,


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  • Hello Naohisa, 

    Thank you for using our products. 

    I would like to clarify that the output swing is referenced to V+. With the specifications and conditions given in the datasheet (V+=12V, G=100, Vin=120mV), the output should be able to go to 10.8V, that is, 12V-1.2V. This is a maximum so variability has been taken into account. You will want to adjust your input or your gain to account for this.

    You can look at the Output Voltage vs. Input Sense Voltage plots on pages 5 and 6 of the datasheet to get a better sense of the typical output voltage of the device. Example shown below:

    I hope this helps.