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LT Spice Simulation Question regard to AD8671


I drew 2 different test circuits on AD8671 in LT Spice and try to perform a transient analysis on the chip . When I ran the two test circuits individually, both of them behave well. But If I include both of them in the same schematic, the simulation always get stuck in the very beginning.

The first picture is the test circuit I drew according to Fig 35 in the chip manual and the simulation looks good (shown in the second picture)

The third picture is the 2nd test circuit I drew. It is simple inverted amplifier. The simulation results also look fine (shown in the fourth picture)

BUT if I include both them in the same window as shown in picture 5, the simulation get stuck in pico-second region...... shown in the last picture

I don't know if I am doing something wrong with the LT Spice or there is some intrinsic problem of the schematic when the two circuits are put together ? The original ".asc" file is attached in the zipped file below.

Including the LTspice original ".asc" file in a zip format.
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