AD8333 4LOP Setting


I have questions on the AD8333 and AD9834.  I will use two AD9834(Sine wave, 75 khz ~ 100 khz). because AD8333 need 4LOP.

First, I know that clock synchronization is important in the AD8333. I wonder if two AD9834 can share them with one main clock.(SG-210STF 75 Mhz).

Second, I think two AD9834 is inefficient, is there any other good way?

please check and send to me for confirmation.

thank you.

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Tak Young

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 22, 2019 10:50 AM

    Hi TakYoung,

    Are you planning to use the AD9834 as the input for AD8333's 4LOP and 4LON?
    If so, AD9834 may be configured as differential output but take note that on AD8333's specification table, the Local Oscillator Frequency only ranges from 2MHz to 200MHz when using a sinewave signal.

    The AD9834's output may be set to a higher frequency based on the datasheet's frequency and phase registers section.
    Thanks TakYoung.

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