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Question about OP-amp selection for ADC input drivers and DAC output buffers.

Dear there, 

I am currently looking for a military grade OP-AMP which is used for ADC input drivers and DAC output buffers to replace the OP471ARCMDA.

I checked ADI's OP-AMP products and found the OP467ARC / 883C.

Is the OP467ARC / 883 suitable for applications of 12bit ADC input driver and 12bit DAC output buffer?

  • Hi Jun667, 

    What sampling rate are you working with for the ADC, and what is the udpate rate for the DAC? 

    The OP467 is much faster than the OP471. The best choice of amplifier would still depend on the requirements of your application. If you can provide more information about your application, that would help.